October Destiny 2 Iron Banner Date, Time & Rewards Revealed

Home News Briefs Current: Iron Banner and Voice Chat function to be revamped today ‘Destiny’ updates: And just as Destiny developers promised, “the arrival of a series of updates planned for the next few weeks” is now at hand. But before anything else, gamers should be reminded about “Destiny” developers’ change in schedule when it comes to updates. Instead of Friday, gamers can expect weekly post updates and news every Thursday, as Playstation Lifestyle reported. To “deploy a series of back-end improvements to the network,” another maintenance for Playstation Network is set to take place on Nov. During the six-hour timeframe, Bungie announced that the patch 1. It is simply designed to make planning and strategizing much easier. The Iron Banner will be the hub of the downtime. Bungie is doing a major overhaul to the existing version that gamers believe is not up to snuff.


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A new heavy weapon was introduced, a sword, which has new mechanics from the swords that can be used during certain Hive missions. Three new strikes were added and three Year One strikes were revised to include the Taken race in addition to the other enemies. A Digital Collector’s Edition was also available. Year One players received commemorative items when purchasing The Taken King.

The expansion focuses on the Fallen race, as they have breached the Wall that surrounds the City and are armed with the SIVA virus, a Golden Age breakthrough in self-assembling nano technology. A new social space called the Iron Temple was added and is located on Earth at Felwinter Peak, and players have access to a new zone on Earth called the Plaguelands, marking the first time that there are two playable Patrol zones on one planet.

In the Plaguelands, players encounter a new faction of Fallen called the Devil Splicers. A new strike was also added, [50] as well as a new raid, “Wrath of the Machine”; the normal version unlocked on September 23 and the hard version unlocked on October The highest obtainable Light level was increased to with the release of the hard raid.

First Iron Banner of Destiny 2 starts 10/10/

The first year-two Iron Banner will begin on October 13th, with Trials of Osiris kicking off later that week on the 16th. In this week’s update to the company blog , Bungie’s PvP designers have laid out how both events will change for Destiny’s second year. First up is Iron Banner, the week-long competition that turns up every month or so and allows players to fight against each other with the Crucible’s usual number-filing removed. Per Bungie, here’s what’s changing with the new Iron Banner:

5 Adventures, 1 Epic Collection Destiny – The Collection contains every release from the award-winning first-person shooter franchise to date. It’s a great way for Guardians to embark on journeys they may have missed, as well as a perfect starting point for new players who want to join the Destiny community.

October 8, at 7: For a full week players will be squaring off in The Crucible with a unique set of rules. Hosted by Lord Saladin, The Iron Banner functions similar to other Destiny 2 events in that players must earn tokens that will allow them to earn unique gear. Iron Banner will be a little bit different than it was in the first game.

In Destiny 2, Iron Banner features two teams of four players. It will also be skill based instead of a power level based event as it was in the first game. Both the bounties and ranks have been replaced by event specific Engrams called Iron Banner Engrams. Everyone can play the Iron Banner.


Contact FromEdward Our Destiny 2 Crucible PVP guide contains strategy guides for every map and mode, with all the tips, tricks and tactics you could possibly need to come out on top. Destiny 2’s Crucible – where the game’s player-versus-player combat plays out – is filled with a variety of modes in which to do battle against other Guardians and prove that you’re the very best. If you’re after traditional modes where eliminating the enemy is number one, then modes like Clash have got you covered.

On the other hand, those who favour intense, objective-based modes will relish Survival and Countdown, which require high-level coordination and the skills to match. In our continuously updated Destiny 2 Crucible guide, we’ve got tonnes of tips and tricks for every single aspect of Destiny 2’s competitive scene, with links to individual guides that’ll help you dominate in every area of PVP.

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But for many players, other Guardians are last on their list of targets, so they rightly resent rewards being locked behind PvP activities with no PvE equivalent available. With that said, both camps have usually agreed on one thing: Iron Banner, or as it is correctly known, Iron Banana, is an oddity.

It all comes down to participation, and in the past most players—both types of players—have had no problem participating. With unique weapons and visually striking armor on the line, why not play a few dozen games of Control? But with the most recent Iron Banner, everyone came up empty. With Banner math in place, though, otherwise stable weapon balance gets put through the wringer. Sometimes it comes out distorted. Such was the case with pulse rifles, indisputably the dominant weapon archetype throughout this Banner.

Now, there will always be empirically superior options in multiplayer games.

Bungie Issues New Matchmaking System For Destiny Iron Banner Event, People Still Claim Problems

To start with, the Iron Banner returns on October 10th at 2 a. PT and runs through October 17th at 2 a. The game mode for the first Iron Banner will be Control, but there are a few changes being made in the sequel, including a move to four players per team, the removal of power advantage, and a new Iron Banner engram system replacing the bounties. In the original Destiny, players with a higher light level had an advantage in the event.

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Random Article Blend Now that Destiny has officially shifted into year two, Guardians will start to notice additional changes being made to long-running events. Both the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are set to return this month and, according to Bungie, players can expect quite a few tweaks being made to the familiar competitions. With The Taken King launching a couple of weeks ago, most players have had time to complete the new story beats, tackle those new Strikes, get in some competitive play on a slew of new maps and maybe even give Big Daddy Oryx a run for his money in the new Raid.

But Destiny is a living world of sorts, with all sorts of special events popping up on a regular basis. Now that The Taken King has left its mark on the game world alongside Update 2. While everything is normalized in standard PvP, all of that character creation math is in full effect in the Iron Banner. It looks like Lord Saladin will return to the Tower on Oct. Not only are damage curves being adjusted to account for year two changes but, according to Crucible Designer Jeremiah Pieschl, players can expect quite a few additional changes, too.

For starters, the Tempered buff is automatic now and becomes more effective each day of the Iron Banner, and your reward will now include both armor and firearms. To help bolster that good news, drop rates have also been increased.

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Destiny 2 PvP comes in a variety of forms, and all are part of the key backbone of the game. While Destiny 2 is primarily a PvE experience — you have to shoot at least some aliens to get anywhere — competitive multiplayer has been a key component from the beginning, with a thriving community on Twitch doing basically nothing else.

Bungie has taken it much more seriously in the sequel, with controversial tweaks to abilities and weapon loadouts made in the name of PvP balance. Like to go head-to-head?

Destiny is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by was released worldwide on September 9, , for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox , and Xbox One consoles. Destiny marked Bungie’s first new console franchise since the Halo series, and it was the first game in a ten-year agreement between Bungie and Activision.

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This game is better with friends.

Bungie Fixes Destiny’s Heavy Ammo Glitch, Right On Time For Iron Banner

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Bungie is set to make one of the most requested features available in Destiny from next week. A beta to allow players to communicate with other players in matchmaking events such as the Crucible and Strike missions will come with an update that is scheduled to release on November If you are playing in any matchmaking game you can quickly switch between public chat and private Fireteam chat by toggling the option using the d-pad.

Destiny 2 Faction Vendor Engram Armor and Weapons with pictures of all the armor sets and weapons you can get from each type of engram. Last Updated: Dec 31,

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Destiny: Iron Banner Matchmaking Fail.