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Contact Us Attractions Lahore is a wonderful city featuring multiple attractions from different eras. Encompassing culturally rich, exotic and monumental locations, we welcome you to explore our City of Gardens. Alam Road Named after ace pilot M. Alam, this is one of the most exciting places in Lahore featuring multiple lifestyle and leisure stops, this road is the hub of entertainment and food in the city. Tollinton Market Orignaly built as exhibition hall a century and a half back, Tollinton Market was later used as marketplace. Badshahi Mosque Mughal era landmark mosque built in 17th century. Lahore Fort Oldest known citadel of Lahore. Inhabited for more than a millennium, it was used by Delhi, Mughal, Sikh and British empires. Shalimar Garden Brilliant masterpiece of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan which is known for its landscapes and fountains. Wazir Khan Mosque Commissioned during the Mughal reign in Lahore, this mosque is from the 17th century and restores the culture from that time period.

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Orsini’s body is a tapestry of tattoos, including those of busty angels, pathfinder wolves, a goddess with Ganesha’s body and eight hands, and the Cherokee chief, White Cloud; his fingers have run out of room for more rings; and he carries with him a picture of three generations of Sufi saints that he got from a business associate in Lahore. The much tattooed international restauranteur Ciro Orsini at his chain’s newest franchise Ciro’s Pomodoro in Greater Kailash-I In a quite understated way, with a ready smile lighting up his face, Orsini talks about his spiritual journey, of connecting with the other side, “where we all have to go eventually”, of how humans are “more animal than animals”, and of being a Native American in his previous birth.

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With all that happening, Lahore developed into an exuberant and colorful urban center for artists and traders of all kinds. It’s a must to dedicate a day and a half to Lahore and check out its famous Badshahi and Wazir Khan mosques, Shahi Hammam and Sufi and Sikh shrines. Also a must-visit are Shalimar Gardens and the Lahore Fort.

Link road,bhatti arcade opp McDonalds. Hyperstar shopping and wholesale centre: Model town,link road in K block opposite Grand charter school. Near Allama iqbal international airpot lahore in lahore Cantonment. Feroz Sons book shop is the oldest book shop of Lahore. Readings bookshop in main boulevard Gulberg and variety books in liberty market are a must see. Last word in defence y block market.

The traditional bazaars of the inner city are roughly divided according to ware. Bargaining is de rigeur. The Anarkali bazaar, named after a courtesan who was buried alive for loving a prince, is one of the chief shopping areas. Anarkali Bazaar is a treasure-trove, selling virtually everything from handicraft to transistor radio, tin sauce pan to refrigerator, a maze of lanes and alleys which stretch northwards from the Mall at the Central Museum end.

The bazaars in the old city are the ones people dreams about-tiny alleys, some of which will admit a rickshaw, a string of donkeys or carts- and pedestrians have to leap into doorways to give room. Some alleys are only possible single file.

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Raza Rumi is a native of Lahore. The interview was conducted in a series of e-mail exchanges. Rumi, welcome to Pakistan Paindabad. You grew up in Lahore during the 90s.

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So, was the trip to Ajman worth it? Gawalmandi is a humble restaurant. It is tucked away and in a back street — either opened by someone with an astounding lack of sense of direction or by someone confident enough to believe that the delicacies served are powerful enough to lure diners in from afar. And the latter is definitely the case. The restaurant dining area is small, but the kitchen is large — immediately showing where the right focus is.

And it is cheerfully decorated. Also with a delightful hand-painted mural: But here comes the food! The chicken arrives in a large cast-iron pan, straight off the fire, and that alone should make one nod in appreciation — traditional cooking methods call for traditional cooking utensils, and the venerable open cast iron pan the karahi has been the utensil of choice for generations, as it manages the heat wonderfully, especially for slow-cooked dishes that are left to simmer and consolidate the flavours — such as the Murgh Karahi.

The half portion shown below!!! I imagine a couple of normal portions will feed half a cricket team! Just one look at it and you know this is going to be delicious! The sauce is dense, utterly flavorsome, and the chicken meat is so tender, almost falling off the bone if you just look at it.

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It is widely considered the country’s cultural capital. The heart of Lahore is the Walled or Inner City, a very densely populated area of about one square kilometre. Founded in legendary times, and a cultural centre for over a thousand years, Lahore has many attractions for the tourist. The Mughal and Sikh legacy survives in the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and Gurdwara, the Mall is lined with colonial-gothic buildings from the British Raj , and the suburbs of Gulberg and Defence feature palatial mansions and trendy shopping districts.

Understand[ edit ] Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan with a population of roughly 8.

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June 28, Author: Lahore is not just famous for the old sites dating back to several hundreds of years, but also for the food. It has one of the most varieties of food in a single place in the whole world. It is known for its enticing food and if the food is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is multiplied with the add-ons of the momentous ambiance and serenity.

The Food Street, today, is everything from traditional appetizers to a variety of scrumptious Lahori cuisines and topping it off with great tasting dessert, all restaurants are definitely for a food connoisseur. A boy prepares Lassi The illumination on the buildings is elevated with the presence of the street performers and musicians. From an infant to the old, every age group has something to see at Fort Road Food Street. Notice the colorful buildings? Though Living in Islamabad, it was really an amazing experience to visit there during my semester break, the food is awesome and it was like a dream come true for a foodie like me.

And going there is easy just hire Uber or Careem and we are there. Best time is every time because there is always something special for each and every type of weather and Climate. And the main thing you have to do is Enjoy the food, the scenery and live preparation of food. Only decent photo I can find from my phone, you can see the crowd in the background and it was the peak hour This is Moiz PA from Pakistan and I am looking forward to giving you a tour whenever anyone of you visits.

Historically, Fukuoka has been a contact point for cultural exchange between Japan and other countries in Asia.

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This handy little app is all what our customers would require to interact with the brand online. The Salt’n Pepper is Pakistan’s most recognized and distinguished hospitality brand with a history of market innovation and excellence in restaurants chain operation. The Salt’n Pepper Restaurants are regarded and respected as the number one restaurant entity in Pakistan by local and foreign guests. The Salt’n Pepper Restaurants are an example of gracious dinning, outstanding service, extraordinary classic and contemporary cuisine.

Saffron Restaurant, located in the newest upscale dining block of Karachi, offers fine Mediterranean cuisine in a colorful and traditional setting. The lowly-lit dining room, wooden floors and rich burgundy accents create a cozy Spanish feel, with each table seating area having its own unique character.

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The huge collection of this museum owes to the connection of the family with the Sikh Royal Family, especially with Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The museum is open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm. The collections of the museum include textiles of the Sikh Era, ivory artifacts, manuscripts, paintings, especially that of Nawab Mumtaz Ali. Thinking about adding Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore to your travel itinerary?

You can find all the necessary information to plan a visit to the Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore listed on this page. Right from the address and the contact number to the timings and ticket prices, this page ensures that all the essential data related to the Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore is available at your disposal.

Also, the images of Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore displayed on this page will help you get a better idea of what to expect when you head to this popular attraction. Plus, to ease your process of trip planning, a map view of Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore is also presented on this page. So, if you think you have better photos of Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore from your recent trip here or maybe have some updated inputs regarding the timings, address, contact number and ticket prices, then feel free to contribute to this page!

Apart from the basic logistics you can also find information related to nearby important places located in the vicinity of Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore here.

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AFP Photo Related Articles MidEast Muslims concerned as Mecca suffers from skyscrapers, loss of heritage Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore is known for its diverse culture, rich cuisine, social and cultural festivals, and on top of all, its spectacular old architecture, including the Badshahi Mosque and Red Fort. Home to 11 million people, today Lahore is a vista of glitzy towers, bumper-to-bumper traffic, huge roadside restaurants, bridges, and the much-hyped Orange Line train project, but it also features spectacular mosques, temples, shrines, and towers from its Mughal and colonial past.

But in the shadow of accelerating infrastructure development, the city is losing some of its celestial architectural treasures.

Jun 28,  · Lahore is not just famous for the old sites dating back to several hundreds of years, but also for the food. It has one of the most varieties of food in a single place in the whole world. It is known for its enticing food and if the food is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is multiplied with the add-ons of the momentous.

The national flag is dark green, with a white vertical stripe at the hoist and a white crescent and five-pointed star in the center. The opening lines of the national anthem, sung in Urdu, are “Blessed be the sacred land, Happy be the bounteous realm, Symbol of high resolve, land of Pakistan, Blessed be thou citadel of faith.

The rupee r is a paper currency of paisa. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 paisa and of 1 rupee, and notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, , , and 1, rupees. The metric system was introduced in and made mandatory as of 1 January Comparatively, the area occupied by Pakistan is slightly less than twice the size of the state of California.

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It is one of the best locations in Lahore, with the best shopping brands and restaurants all on a short walking distance. There’s a medical center 1 km away. Airport, Express Highway (Ring Road) and city center all very close by.

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