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Hugs and Tugs remain naked until reuniting with the girls, who diaper them. Beastly steals their clothes and the cubs search for them before being captured. Hugs drinks the shrink bottle, shrinks out of her diaper, and Tugs has to carry her around in his own diaper until she grows to normal size near the end of the film. In one of my own episode ideas, Bright Heart makes an invention that causes Tugs to become a giant.

His diaper ripped as he did, so the great cloud keeper makes him one made from a cloud.

Babyfur dating site doesn t mean things are always going to go his way, she says. He needs to learn to think through how he arrived at his opinion and whether it s worth arguing over. Building relationships is an important part of their development, says Siegel, and parents have a role in this learning process.

The Fetish Fuel of that costume is lampshaded a few strips later. In a sailor uniform? With copious panty shots? Megatokyo brings us Niho, the ravishing , seductive , leather-clad, dark-lording badass. For extra funnies he’s the online avatar of a female character, who was most probably Lolicon at the time. Better, the girl he expends most of his attention on is played by a guy.

Miho herself carries well his torch, not least with her tendency to dress innocent little android girl Ping in her clothes We can only thank the heavens that she hasn’t dressed herself in anything too Gothloli yet, as people might die and her own, increasingly outrageous fashion sense. The Cave of Evil sequence found her dressed in something that was almost see through, and the day after saw her in something that was practically bondage chic. This is someone who is still in her second year of high school.

But has claimed to be older than she looks. And has been implied to have been severely ill for a long time, possibly forcing her to repeat a grade, or even two. Oh, the Cave of Evil sequence got much more fetishistic than just her fashion sense.


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“Choose your own ending” stories started by an Author and continued by any member that wishes to participate. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a few plot choices and must choose the direction of the story. When you come to the end of a storyline, it’s your turn to add a chapter!

What shall we play today? Latest hot news Current time: Do you think its www. And women in them!!! I’ll be using advanced logic www. Do you long for meeting adult babies and diaper lovers and others with similar www. This post is over four www. Have any of you guys heard of diaper lovers dl. August 23, by emiko 0 link.

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Try becoming a ‘furry’ “This is Life with Lisa Ling” explores the misunderstood culture of “furries,” who appreciate — and sometimes dress up as — animal characters. Watch Sunday at 10 p. CNN Wire The furry community has a message for the rest of the world: Their culture is not about sex. In fact, people in the furry community are largely annoyed about how their community has generally been portrayed by mainstream media outlets.

More About Me. First I want to be open and honest. I am unusual as my happy place due to past trauma is being a clean babyfur fox. This is due a past event that hurt me a lot.

Achilles Heel – the back of the neck , for Dragonstorm experiments. Action Girl – Aisha, Dr. Action Survivor – The surviving scientists from the first RP. After that, they willingly bring pretty much everything upon them. Tinner included in his machine a plane of green light which could come out of the walls and force the players to go where he wanted them to.

Aerith and Bob – characters with names like Neku or Dr. James Zanasiu interact with people like Dr.

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13 days ago · A “babyfur” is interested in age play and young or childlike characters. Milfurs are furries who are current or past members of the military. Here’s one more: Furries who are into costumes are.

I received an anonymous email today? For those of you who no nothing of pounced? It is supposed to be a furry dating site? And there is MI furries, which is ten-times worse than pounced? So I decided to investigate it further. And I just happen to have a conact on the inside. I will just use their initials B.


See the entire list below! In fact, this list would not exist without the input many helpful Furries. Foster good communication with your Young Furries and teach them to protect themselves!

As a note, though, the furry subculture is one that sees heavy overlap with many other sexual subcultures as well as fringe fetishes (as evidenced by the babyfur community on Second Life). In addition, there are a dozen or so variations of sexual fetishes that are nearly unique to furries.

In , it became public that Sandoval had been accused of committing sexual assault. When Sandoval re-signed with the Giants, the story again made its rounds on social media, and it became increasingly evident that the incident was far more significant than it originally seemed. For many, this was the first time hearing about the accusations.

Lueke would go on to plead no contest to a lesser charge: In , two minor leaguers in the Rockies organization were charged with sexual assault. Pitchers Michael Mason and Jesse Meaux were then placed on the restricted list following the charges, but the charges were dropped in They have not pitched professionally since the arrest.

Mel Hall , who played major league baseball from to , is currently serving 45 years in a Texas prison for sexually assaulting minors. A longform piece by SB Nation detailed the allegations that Hall preyed upon female minors during his career. Chad Curtis , who played in the majors from , is currently serving seven to 15 years in Michigan on counts of sexual misconduct. Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett was charged with false imprisonment, fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, and fifth-degree assault in He was found not guilty on all charges.

In September of , the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the investigation was still ongoing, though police were unable to contact the accuser. As of publication, Kang is on the restricted list while serving a suspended sentence in South Korea for his third DUI.

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